Red Cedar Wood Abstract Wall Tiki “The Kiss”

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Abstract Tiki Wall Art

Not in stock. Made to order, 4 to 6 weeks delivery.
This very unique and elegant red cedar wood Abstract Wall Tiki.

Hand Crafted from a solid slab of Rescued Florida Red Cedar we offer this very unique Wall Tiki.

It is an abstract scultpure of what appears to be a single Tiki face upon first glance. But if you look a little closer you will see two seperate people facing each other in a uphoric stare who are joined at the lips. It is called “The Kiss”.

The two tone white sap wood and darker red heart wood of the Florida Red Cedar Tree gives this piece a eye catching appearance.

The photo really does not show the deep red, purple and pink colors going through the grain of this exotic wood.

This piece was hand sanded and coated with 3 coats of two part epoxy table top resin that seals the wood and magnifies the grain.

This piece of abstract art measures a large 48″ Tall by 14 ” wide and is 2 inches thick.

Weighs about 30 pounds.

This piece comes with mounting hardware installed and ready to hang on your wall.

Sealed against the environment so can be displayed inside or outside, by your tiki hut, pool, garden or in your inside sanctuary.

Will go with just about any decor.

Made in the United States of America. When you buy our products you are creating jobs. Thank You Snidely Whiplash


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Red Cedar Wood Abstract Wall Tiki “The Kiss”