Silk Oak School of Hammer Head Sharks on Teak Driftwood Stump

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Made in the United States of American by a Space Shuttle Quality Engineer of 31 years.

We offer this wall mount or table mount Life Like School of Swimming Hammer Head Sharks for your consideration.
Each Hammer Head Shark is hand carved from rescued silk oak in 4 different sizes.
The mount base is created from rescued

Four hammer head sharks swimming over driftwood

drift wood stump.

The photo really does not do this piece of art justice. If you would like additional photos, please contact us. This is a one of a kind unique piece of Wall Fish Art created by Snidely Whiplash at Snidely Wood Studio in Port Saint John Florida.

Call me for a made to order wood fish taxidermy. If you have a photo, and measurements of a fish that you caught and want to have mounted out of the wood of your choice, I can recreate it in life like detail!

We carry over 20 different Florida Premium species of wood slabs, in stock. All of my fish carvings come with 2 D-rings mounting attachments installed and is ready to hang in your special spot.

The perfect tropical decor for fish lovers. Custom wood fish taxidermy.

More photos avialable on our facebook page

100% American Made and by buying our products you are helping create jobs.


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