Mahi Mahi LED Light up Fish Taxidermy

54″ LED Light UP Multi Media Mahi, Dorado, Dolphin Multi-Media Sculpture

Product Description

LED Mahi Mahi Light up Fish Taxidermy:

This is one of my large 54 inches LED Light Up Mahi Mahi, Darado, Dolphin LED Light up multimedia sculpture currently in stock that you will receive when you purchase.

  1. We are the first to offer this innovative product
  2. not sold in stores

At Snidely Wood Studio we try very hard to create original and innovative Artistic Marine Wild Life, Surf, Fish, Furniture and Tiki Products. This is our new Multi-Media LED Light Up Taxidermy Fish Series.

This is a replica of one of Snidely’s original wood Mahi Mahi wood carvings that he created in his studio.

  1. After he finishes carving and finishing the original wood carving, he casts a mold from the original wood carving.
  2. He creates limited edition replicas (150) and then destroys the mold after 150 have been made.
  3. You will receive this signed replica with the replica number on the back.
  4. This is a multimedia Snidely Wood Replica Sculpture made from Premium Epoxy casting Resin using the most lifelike fishing lures inlaid in the belly to make it appear that the fish had just eaten.
  5. The dimensions of this fish sculpture are 54″L X 22″ tall by 5 inches deep.
  6. Comes with 12 volt AC plug-in wall adapter power supply.

We added wood planks inside the fish body so it appears to be made of wood:

  1. Fishing lures inlaid in the belly
  2.  a hook sticking out of the lip
  3. a strand of green LED lights going through the body of the fish
  4. a single green LED light to light up the eye
  5. a strand of blue light running through the dorsal fin.

We do our best to capture photos that best represent this art but due to the shiny nature of the finished product and the LED light when it is on it is hard to get good photos. None of the photos we take look as good as seeing this product in person.

Purchase this one or Call us today for your order.

Remember you saw it first at Snidely Wood Studio, No one does it as we do and we were the first to create this LED Light UP Fish Taxidermy.

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One of a kind 54 Inch LED Light up Mahi Mahi Fish Taxidermy