Refund Policy

Refund Policy

As you know that Art is original and fragile.  We sell Art, one of a kind hand made, fragile wood and multi media pieces of art.

We intentionally overpack these items for shipping at great expense in an attempt to reduce the risk to damage during transportation, however one it leaves our hands it is totally out of our control and there is a risk of damage. 99% of our shipment have no issues due to our packaging methods engineering and success.

Due to the fragile nature of ART we want you to make sure you want the item and that anytime you ship art there is a risk so make sure of your choice.

We have a Zero Return policy for buyers who change their mind (remorse buyers) and all sales are final with the following exceptions:

Damaged upon arrival.   If the item is damaged due to transportation or handler cause, and you feel a need to return the item, you are responsible to repack the item as it was originally paced with all of the materials that were in the package to prevent additional damage upon return.  Additionally, the customer will be required to pay for return shipping and fully insure the contents against loss for the full value of the item. The customer will not make a charge back on your credit card.  It is required that once the item is returned, that you will receive a refund if you met the requirements of this policy and after the shipping company has issued a refund for the full amount of the purchase.  No later than 30 days.

We are caring and consideration to your satisfaction will be considered in every case if you speak to us about any issue that may arise.  Wit this said, do not damage the item to manipulate a return.  Talk to us.

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