Multimedia & LED Lightup Fish Sculptures

Multimedia & LED Lightup Fish Sculptures

Douglas is an  entrepreneur and award winning marine wildlife artist/Wood Sculptor.

We are the first to design, create and offer these innovative replicas with LED Lite products.

Not sold in stores. We offer Commercial packages for your business or home. Only Sold online,  at my Art Gallery or my Art Shows

This is our new Multi-Media LED Light Up Fish Mount Series.

Each piece is a replica of one of Snidely’s original wood wood carvings that he created in his studio using power tools and rescued wood.

  1. After he finishes carving and finishing the original wood carving, he casts a mold from the original wood carving.
  2. This is a multimedia Snidely Wood Replica Sculpture made from Premium Epoxy casting Resin using fun objects and figures to create a aquarium of things swimming in the fish.
  3. Comes with 12 volt AC plug-in wall adapter power supply and remote control. The remote control has up to 15 different light densities and modes.  Custom Airbrush transparent paint. Looks Real with light on or off.


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