47″ Burnt Rescued Cypress Wood Reef Shark Sculpture

47″ Burnt Rescued Cypress Wood Reef Shark Sculpture

47″ Burnt Rescued Cypress Wood Reef Shark Sculpture

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Burnt Cypress Wood Reef Shark


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This is one of our latest Custom wooden Shark Carvings that Snidely has created here in our studio.

We offer this life-size Reef Shark, hand carved from a solid piece of Rescued Florida Cypress. (We buy the trees that are cleared by developers that would otherwise go to the dump and be mulched).

This awesome wooden Shark sculpture has been significantly reduced because it was damaged and repaired. The tail was damaged and I had to splice a new tail fin on this wooden shark carving. The only residual visual effect is the tail is slightly lighter in color but other than that is perfect. My loss is your gain.

We challenge you to find a more realist, life-like Shark Replica carved from cypress wood.

This sculpture was painstakingly recreated from a frozen shark that I caught and used as a model while attempting to duplicate the most life-like wooden replica produced anywhere.

I use two-part epoxy resin applied in stages to achieve the depth to the finish.

This is our own patented application that we are continuing to improve in our best effort in bringing you the best lifelike wood fish sculptures to buy online in Florida.

This fish sculpture is 47″L X 21″H X 10″ deep. The photo really doesn’t do this fish justice. If you want additional photos please contact us.

We can make one for you any size that you like. Custom orders are welcome.

Realistic fish like this make the perfect tropical decor inside your home and out. Don’t let this one get away!!!

More photos avialable on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/SnidelyWoodStudio

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