Award Winning Red Drum Fish Sculpture

Award Winning Red Drum Fish Sculpture

Award Winning Red Drum Fish Sculpture

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Made in the United States of America. 

Red Drum Fish Sculpture Created by award-winning Marine Wildlife Artist Douglas Snider

Snidely Wood Taxidermy:

  1. Carved by hand with power tools from a piece of Florida Rescued Red Cedar Wood.
  2. Better than taxidermy because we do not cover any of this Beautiful Red Cedar wood grain with any paint.
  3.  No paint, all natural rescued wood.
  4. A one of a kind piece of ART.
  5. Totally cured red cedar wood sealed back and front with epoxy resin.
  6. I use a two-part epoxy resin that magnifies the grain and gives it depth and makes the fish appear wet.
  7. I took painstaking time and studied dozens of photos to make this fish look exactly like the real thing.
  8. This fish sculpture is 43″L X 15″H X 5 deep.

Photos really don’t do this fish justice.

We can make one for you any size that you like. Custom orders are welcome.

Realistic wood fish taxidermy like this make the perfect tropical decor.

More photos avialable on our facebook page

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