Camphor Wood Hog Fish Sculpture/Carving

Camphor Wood Hog Fish Sculpture/Carving

Camphor Wood Hog Fish Sculpture/Carving

Wood Hog Fish Carving/Sculpture Wall Mount

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Camphor Wood Hog Fish Carving/Sculpture

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Created by hand by award winning Marine Wildlife Wood Artist Douglas Snider

Wood Hog Fish Carving/Sculptures are one of the most difficult fine detailed fish mounts that I create due to all of the delicate spines and fin details.

Better than taxidermy, this is another Life Like Saltwater Fish Creations from Snidely Wood Studio.

  • Wood Hog Fish Sculpture/Carving created out of rescued Camphor Wood.
  • We buy the wood from local tree trimmers who normally take the wood to the dump to be mulched.
  • The rescued timber is taken to a local saw mill and cut into slabs of different thicknesses.
  • The wood slabs are cured by natural air dry process in a barn until the moisture content is less than 12%.
  • All of our finished wood taxidermy fish mounts are guaranteed to never split, crack or check.
  • Using stain and acrylic paint I accent the natural wood grain to create a lifelike coloration.
  • This wood sculpture is totally encapsulated on the front and back of the fish in two part epoxy resin to seal and protect the fish from the environment.
  • Epoxy resin coating makes the fish appear wet like it just jumped out of the water.

No other wood fish carver does it as I do.
You deserve this one of a kind Hog Fish Mount.
This is a genuine artist original that comes signed by Snidely.

Will make an awesome Birthday or Holiday Gift for that special angler in your life.

Don’t like this one,  send me photos and measurements of one you want mounted out of wood.  I can make you one exactly like the one you caught, made to order from camphor or red cedar  or painted cypress wood fully cured and ready to carve. 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Made in the United States of America. When you buy our products, you are creating jobs and supporting local small business.

Thanks for shopping with us.
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