Camphor Wood Black Fin Tuna Fish Sculpture/Carving

Camphor Wood Black Fin Tuna Fish Sculpture/Carving

Camphor Wood Black Fin Tuna Fish Sculpture/Carving

Rescued Florida Cypress Wood Tuna Fish Carving

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40 Inch Rescued Cypress Wood, Blackfin Tuna Fish Sculpture/Carving

Wood Taxidermy Fish Carvings Created by award-winning Marine Wildlife Artist Douglas Snider Alias Snidely Whiplash

  1. Carved by hand with power tools from a piece of Florida Rescued Camphor Wood.  One of a kind Wood Fish Art.
  2. Better than fiberglass taxidermy because the wood grain emits a much more elegant presentation of the Fish Mount.
  3. We use only transparent acrylic paint so we don’t hide the beautiful wood grain with any paint.
  4. Totally cured rescued Camphor wood sealed back and front with epoxy resin.
  5. Guaranteed to never check split or crack.
  6. Snidely has caught these fish and took painstaking time and studied dozens of photos to make this fish look exactly like the real thing.
  7. The Epoxy coating makes the fish look wet, like it just jumped out of the water.
  8. This fish sculpture is 40L X 16″H X 5 deep.

Photos really don’t do this fish art justice. Looks much better in person.

We can make any species of Tuna Fish for you any size that you like. Custom orders are welcome.

Purchase this one or Call us today for your order.   The next time you catch a fish you would like to make a lasting memory, measure it and take photos. Send us the information and we can recreate your fish out of wood of your choice that will look exactly like the fish you caught.

Realistic wood fish taxidermy like this make the perfect tropical home decor.

More photos available on our facebook page

Made in the United States of America when you support your local artists you are creating  jobs.

Price includes Packaging, Shipping and Insurance

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