Full Mount Mahi/Dorado/Dolphin Fish Wood Trophy Carving/Sculpture

Full Mount Mahi/Dorado/Dolphin Fish Wood Trophy Carving/Sculpture

Full Mount Mahi/Dorado/Dolphin Fish Wood Trophy Carving/Sculpture

Mahi, Mahi Fish Wood Carving/Sculpture on Base

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Full Mount Mahi Mahi  Wood Trophy Sculpture/carving on base

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All of our full mount Trophies are handmade from Rescued Wood Species grown in Florida.

This Life Like Mahi Mahi also known as Dorado or Dolphin Fish Wood Fish Sculpture in this photo was created from rescued Silk Oak Wood.

After fine finishing the fish carving, it is coated with two coats of epoxy resin to make it stronger, it is airbrushed with acrylic paint and then sealed with automotive clear coat.

Snidely has fished most of his life and has caught several of the fish. His art is his expression for his love of the ocean and marine wildlife. He goes to painstaking efforts to make his marine wildlife sculptures as life like as possible.

The Pedestal Base was created from rescued Florida Cypress that is stained and coated with two part epoxy resin.

One of a kind.  One of the hardest wood sculptures that Snidely creates by hand with power tool.  Hand carving these highly detailed fish on both sides is extremely tedious especially the wood fins.
The natural hardwood of silk oak has a beautiful grain in this Mahi Fish Wood sculpture/carving

This hand carved fish sculpture measures 21″ long and stands 12 inches tall on base.
The photographs represent the product that you will receive.

You do not have to win one of these in a tournament. It can be our little secret.

Snidely can recreate any fish you catch.  The next time you catch a fish that you want to have mounted out of wood, take photos and measurements and contact us. We can recreate your catch out of the wood of your choice.

We challenge you to find a more realistic and lifelike wood sculpture created by hand anywhere for this affordable Price. Made in the USA, when you buy our products you are creating jobs. Snidely Wood Studio creating award winning wildlife wood sculptures since 2004.

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