Life Like and Life Size Mako Shark Camphor Wood Wall Sculpture/Carving

Life Like and Life Size Mako Shark Camphor Wood Wall Sculpture/Carving

Life Like and Life Size Mako Shark Camphor Wood Wall Sculpture/Carving

Large, Custom, Exotic Camphor Wood Mako Shark Wall Sculpture/Carving

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Award winning Wood Wildlife Sculptor and Wood Carver offer his original sculptures to the public.

Created in Snidely Wood Studio and Art Gallery, Douglas rescues, repurposes, and reclaims wood from desolate areas and wood trimming companies. We never kill a tree. We use wood that would naturally be destroyed by the elements or have had to be taken down and save it from going to a dump. 
We purchase or hunt down the wood by risking our life on a beach, swamp or purchase from tree trimmers who are paid to take down a tree due to disease or Property problems.
We mill it down at a local saw mill, if needed and cure it proper until the moisture level is less than 15% before we start the process of creating something awesome so it is done curing and will not split or crack in the future.
This piece is created by power tool after we have fully cured a big thick slab of camphor wood. We select the slab that Douglas can see some of the effects that will make this piece come alive.  We cut it out with a chain saw, work it down with grinders and large wood removing tools, fine finish it with sandpaper and then add 3 coats of two part Epoxy Resin front and back to protect it from the elements, magnify the grain of the wood and make it look shiny like the animal is wet like it just came out of the water.  The final addition is the 3 rows of teeth in its mouth that make it so realistic.
The dimensions of this beast are 45″ long x 20″ tall x 7″ deep
This piece is currently on display in my Art Gallery.
Price includes packaging, Shipping and Insurance for loss or damage.
Free Shipping within the Continental U. S.
This is a one of a kind created by hand in the U.S.  When you buy from a local artist you are supporting your community.
Discount available for local pick up.

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