Wood Grouper Fish Carving/Sculpture

Wood Grouper Fish Carving/Sculpture

Wood Grouper Fish Carving/Sculpture

Hand made, Custom Wood Grouper Fish Sculpture

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Wood Grouper Fish Carving/Sculpture

At Snidely Wood Studio we try very hard to create original and innovative Artistic Marine Wild Life, Surf, Fish, Furniture, Surf Board and Tiki Products.

Created by Award Winning Marine Wildlife Artist Douglas Snider

  • 40 inch Wood Grouper Fish Sculpture/Carving
  • This is one of my latest 3-D, Life Like Grouper Sculptures created in 2019
  • I have caught these fish in the wild and study dozens of photos when recreating.
  • This wood sculpture was created using rescued Florida Guana Costa  Hard Wood also known as American Monkey Pod or Ear Tree.
  • They call this wood ear tree because it drops a seed pod that looks like a colored man’s ear.
  • This wood has a grain that appears to be mahogany.
  • The Grain in this sculpture has what is known as curly effect with translucent bands running through it that makes the fish appear to have rippling bands of sunlight reflecting through the water on to the fish

The dimensions of this Wood Grouper Fish Carving/Sculpture are 40″L X 17 tall by 5 inches deep.

Also comes with two heavy duty Metal D rings embedded in the back of the fish’s body, come ready to hang.

Note: We do our best to capture photos that best represent this art but due to the shiny nature of the finished product so it is hard to get good photos. None of the photos we take look as good as seeing this product in person.

Purchase this one or Call us today for your order. If you catch a fish, measure it and take photos.  Send us the information and we can recreate your fish out of wood of your choice that will look exactly like the fish you caught.

Remember you saw it first at Snidely Wood Studio!

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